Sunday, January 31, 2010

Empire Air Mail Cover - From Egland to South Africa 1937

Sent Date : 28 JUNE 1937
Front with MILford Haven ( PEMB -PEMBrokeshire) postmark
Received Date : 6 JUL 1937
Rear with Benoni (South Africa ) Postmark
Highlight :Special Envelope with “Empire AIR Mail” England to South Africa.

Price : USD20.00 (RM60)
Local Registered Mail = RM5
International Registered Mail = USD7

Sending mail by air had become the fastest way for it to reach the far-flung corners of the Empire. The 'Empire Air Mail Scheme' was a government subsidy given to Imperial Airways to enable them to carry first class mail along their routes for the cost of a stamp to the customer. The money the subsidy brought meant Imperial immediately changed its fleet of land planes for an order of 28 Short C Class flying boats.

Milford Haven situated near the mouth of the River Cleddau, at the extreme end of south west Wales ,UK is the largest town in the County of Pembrokeshire, with a population of just under 14,000. In the 9th and 10th Centuries Viking seafarers frequently took shelter here, the name Milford probably coming from a phonic development of two Old Norse words – Melyr/Fyord (sand bank inlet).
There are good road and rail links to other parts of the U.K, a small local airport is based 10 miles away at Withybush, Haverfordwest, whilst Irish Ferries run twice daily package boats from Pembroke Dock to Rosslare in the Irish Republic.

Benoni (bənō'nē), town (1991 pop. 288,629), Gauteng, NE South Africa, on the Witwatersrand. It is the distribution center for a gold-mining district and is part of a large industrial complex known for its iron and steel plants. The chief manufacture is electrical equipment. Benoni was founded in 1904. During the violent Witwatersrand miners' strike of 1922, through which white miners sought in vain to prevent mine owners from employing cheaper black labor, heavy fighting occurred in the town between miners and the South African military.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Letter - Luxembourg - Duchess Charlotte

Registered Mail (Recommande) from Luxembourg to Canada 1959.

Price : USD15.00 (RM45)
Local Registered Mail = RM5
International Registered Mail = USD7

Father William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Mother Infanta Marie Anne of Portugal
Born 23 January 1896(1896-01-23)
House House of Nassau-Weilburg
House of Bourbon-Parma Berg Castle, Luxembourg
Died 9 July 1985 (aged 89)

Reign 14 January 1919 – 12 November 1964 (45 years)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Concorde SuperSonic Transport (SST) FDC

Price : USD15.00 (RM45)
Local Registered Mail = RM5
International Registered Mail = USD7

Concorde aircraft is a turbojet-powered ,a supersonic transport (SST)or Supersonic passanger Airline and graced the skies for 34 years which flew from 1969 to 2003. It was a product of Anglo-French government, combining the manufacturing efforts of Aérospatiale (French)and the British Aircraft Corporation.1st commercial Concorde service was started between France and British in 1976.

Concorde 002 was the first British Concorde and was flight by Captain Brian Trubshaw.

Concorde flew regular flights from London Heathrow (British Airways) and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (Air France) to New York JFK and Washington Dulles, flying these routes at record (Max) speeds,It cruises at around 1350 mph at an altitude of up to 60,000ft (11 miles),with "sound" speed "x2"so from Europe to New York takes less than 3hrs and 30 minutes. It is less than half the time of other commercial flight.

Due to some factors, operations ceased on 24 Oct 2003. The last "retirement" flight occurred on 26 Nov 2003.

1st flight :2 Mar 1969
Cruising altitude:15,000-18,000meters(50,000-60,000 ft.)
Takeoff speed:360km/h(223 mph)
Landing speed:300km/h(186 mph)
Runway length required for takeoff: 3,590 meters (11778.2 ft.)
Acceleration : zero to 360 km/h in 20 seconds
Primary users :British Airways,Air France,Braniff International Airways and
Singapore Airlines
Number built :20 (including 6 non-airline aircraft)

With JFK Jamaica Postmark at the Back . Dated : 5 June 1983
Jamaica(LIRR station)(redirect from Jamaica (AirTrain JFK station))
Jamaica Station(often referred to simply as Jamaica)is the major hub and connection to John F. Kennedy International Airport via AirTrain JFK