Saturday, February 11, 2012

1975 Machin Series Stamp used Cover-Great Britian With Special Stamp 1/2p

1975 Machin Series Stamp Used Cover-Great Britian With Special 1/2p Stamp 

Sent Date : 27 May 1975
Stamp on Cover : 1/2p , 1p & 2p 

What so special with this Cover ? look like just a normal Cover with Machin Series Stamp ....but when observed more detail found that the 1/2p Stamp had been "Cut" at the right hand side of the stamp.( As per Arrow)

And i had been try to search around the website , can't find the similar Type of Stamp . It's the Stamp Design in such way?  or purposely cut by sender ..................?

And the PostCode were introduced by the Royal Mail between 1959 and 1974.They have been widely adopted not just for their original purpose of automating the sorting of mail ,but for many other purposes. The postcodes are alphanumeric and between five and eight characters long ( including a single space separating the Outward and Inward parts of the code)

Interest Area Of this Cover :

1) 1/2p Stamp 
2) With Special Postmark " Remember To use The POST CODE!" .But Letter sent without Post Code .