Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3rd series Commemorative Coins for Malaysia 2011

Bank Negara Malaysia is issuing commemorative coins to mark the new Third Series of the Malaysian coins which will be available for circulation early next year. Launched today by the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, the commemorative coins issued are in the denominations of 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen.

Bank Negara Malaysia will make available 500,000 sets of the commemorative coins (Brilliant Uncirculated) comprising all the coin denominations with special packaging and to be sold in stages to the public at RM 10.00 per set.

Coins Design

The Obverse Side of the Coin
The motif for the 5 sen, 10 sen and 20 sen denomination features fourteen dots representing the thirteen States and the Federal Territory. The motif for the 50 sen coin has five horizontal lines representing the five principles of the Rukun Negara (national pillars).

The motifs for each domination are as follows:

50 sen
Sulur Kacang
20 sen
Bunga Melur
10 sen
Orang Asli Motif
5 sen
Destar Siga

The Reverse Side of the Coin
The reverse of all coins, 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen features the same motifs i.e. the hibiscus which is the national flower and numerals indicating the year of minting, the face value of the coin and the words 'Bank Negara Malaysia' as the issuing authority of the coins.

Copy From :Bank Negara Malaysia 25 July 2011